The company Rimpex was founded in 1994 by businessman Klaus Ralle in Schleswig- Holstein, the federal county between the North and Baltic seas. 

At the beginning Rimpex produced various food products and sold those abroad under the brand name of the customers requested label.

In 1999 Rimpex was converted from a personal to a limited company. Later Rimpex additionally took over exclusive distribution in Germany for the Californian wine producing company Ironstone relating to the brand " Leaping Horse". Among Rimpex clients you will find many major companies.Since 2001 the spirits arm of the company became particularly important. 

At first Rimpex produced and distributed its own 'finished' cocktails and later cooperated with the company Arvato Logistics Services ( Bertelsmann) and completed services for Bacardi Germany for example, as in the labelling of bottles, constructing and loading of displays as well as additional storage.

In the past couple of years Rimpex, together with Baltic Trading and Services GmbH, also founded by Klaus Ralle, has developed more and more into an international duty- free company, focusing on the supplying of Cruise-line companies, luxury yachting, diplomatic and military institutions, cross- border shops and the travel retail area. This resulted in Baltic Trading receiving, in February 2011, a distribution agreement for the EEA  from a segment of the worlds significant luxury goods group.

To grant our customers optimal conditions and services relating to contract management and also to be in a position to provide an efficient customer focused base we have also established offices in the UK and France.

In our relationship with customers and suppliers Rimpex stands for:

  • Reliable sustainable business
  • Initiative, flexibility and endurance
  • Honesty and responsibility